Wednesday, January 15, 2014


 Have you ever been trapped in a loop? Let me give you an example. We used to have an excursion programme for our students: Stratford, Stonehenge, Oxford colleges, that sort of thing. For our more techno-minded students, we would arrange visits to factories, mines, manufacturers and so on. As the school was close to Southampton, I phoned Fawley Oil Refinery to find available dates for a visit.

We're fully booked for the next two years, sir.”
No problem,” says I cheerfully. “Book us in for the first available day after that.”
Sorry, sir, we don't take bookings more than two years in advance.”
I could feel a loop coming on...
What if I phone you again tomorrow, dear?” (You could call girls 'dear' in those days).
Sir? But...”
The note of incomprehension in her voice said it all. I was trapped in a loop.
Never did book an excursion to Fawley Oil Refinery. Took the kids to London instead to see a Brian Rix farce; seemed appropriate somehow.

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