Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Pope and woodlice

So, the Pope has come out against homosexuality. That'll upset a few people and no mistake. Personally, I think it's his job to pronounce on moral matters as he sees them, and the fact that he might have his head up his arse should not - and indeed does not - deter him from making his ex cathedra judgments.
Personally, too, I think the best policy should be "don't ask, don't tell". It matters not to me "who does what and with which and to whom" ***, as long as I don't have it in my face, so to speak.
Let's say I am morbidly attracted to isopods. Why should I ask the world to accept that? Why should I tell anyone anyway? As long as I don't do unspeakable things to woodlice in public, who's harmed.
And if the Pope pronounces against isopodophilia, well, he's got his opinion and I've got mine.
Oh god, I realise that I might become the target of Animal Rights nutters' wrath. I was only kidding about the woodlice, guys, honest! I wouldn't harm a hair on their lovely bodies (Note to self: check Wikipedia, find out if woodlice have hair).

There once was a gay of Khartoum
Took a lesbian up to his room
And they argued all night
About who had the right
To do what and with which and to whom.

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