Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What ails thee? How long have you got?

As you know, because I never do the martyr thing when I am unwell, so I have told you - repeatedly - that I have had an ear/throat infection. Actually, it might be Weltschmerz, or even Lebensmuedigkeit, but I don't know how to treat those ailments so I will stick to the lozenges.
Anyway, it seems to be getting better, but I hope to keep it going for a while yet, as I am getting quite a lot of sympathy, and today, wonderful!, I was brought home-made Chicken Soup and a bag of Clementines by my friendly Apus Rehabber.
I also have a Verruca, and I reckon that ought to be worth a bag of Liquorice Allsorts at the very least. Any offers?
And now, while waiting for the Relief Column to arrive, I will give you the best news I have had in 2008. Peter's wife, who has been in continuous pain for most of the year, has been totally pain-free for the best part of two weeks after some kind of manipulation treatment on her spine. Bozhe moi! Hamd olsun! Mazeltof! and Gott sei Dank! And anything else you can think of to give thanks. Please God it will continue. Me, I will raise yet another glass to this little miracle. After all, whatever else is going on in the world, I need to keep my throat lubricated.
PS The picture has nothing to do with my condition, but I hope it will act as a warning against excessive snogging when you've got a sore throat.


Nea said...

Thanks for the warning, will try and abstain.

Hope the throat is soon better.

Best wishes for the New Year.

Old Scrote said...

Thank you for you good wishes, Nea.Ear nose and throat now back in moreorless perfect harmony despite the biting cold outside.
Didn't mean to put you off snogging, just better avoided when you have a bad throat!