Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Fare enough

I've just been enjoying Katie Fuller's latest ringing photos, and was struck by this one in particular - an example of how ringers keep up their energy levels in the field.
My preference was always for tuna and onion sandwiches, while my colleague Mike Arnold swore by - and permanently smelled of - strong cheddar and marmite.
Our most exotic fare, however, was the iron rations we subsisted on when we were ringing Storm Petrels on Eilann nan Ron off the north coast of Sutherland: a lethal mix of dark chocolate and raisins, known affectionately as Jamaican-pintle-and-fartleberries.
Ah what it was to be young and flatulent!

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Nea said...

We still use that, but with the added ingredient of salted peanuts, whenever we go on a long trek or fishing trip. We don't have a good word for the mix though, so if you don't mind I think I'll borrow yours?