Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Vodka and Tonic

From today, VAT will be charged at 20%. The press and the airwaves are full of moaning minnies railing against this increase.

Come on, people, get a grip! Don't you realise how much it costs to run that magnificent bureaucracy in Brussels? Thousands of well-paid, well-fed, pension-protected eurocrats, all dedicated to our welfare, all needing support. Not to mention expenses.

And, you VAT detractors, how do you think the European Parliament would survive if we didn't pour money into it? Do you want MEPs to work for a pittance. forgo all their perks, travel steerage, eat frugal, and retire with nothing more than an Old Age Pension after a lifetime dedicated to talking about what is good for us?

No, stout fellow Europeans, think of VAT as a small price to pay for all the benefits which flow from Brussels and Strasbourg. These benefits include......
.....erm, give me a minute, let me think......

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