Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Hang on a mo'

The prolonged spell of warm dry weather is beginning to feel like a drought. The ground is rock hard, which must make digging for worms, etc, an ordeal for the likes of Blackbirds and Robins. Which is probably why they have taken to trying to get food from one of the bird feeders, the cage-like device which contains fat balls. Of course, unlike tits, sparrows and most finches, they are not good at hanging on, so they burn up a lot of wing-flapping energy as they peck for morsels. This morning, a Jackdaw was performing the same trick. That's a first if ever there was one!
It's a bit sad really, so I am going to see if I can find a source of cheap apples to keep the Blackbirds and Robins going till the monsoon breaks.
PS The photo is not mine. If I knew whose it was, I would acknowledge him/her.
PPS "Hang-on-a-mo" is also the name of a Scouse Red Indian....


HGJones said...

Hi Jake, Just a thought - if you have a Primary School nearby, or know somebody involved in a primary school, they now issue fruit and veg to the dear Kiddy-winkies instead of the old bottles of Cow-Juice you and I used to receive. Consequently at the end of each week inordinate amounts of Apples, carrots and goodness knows what will be thrown away by the school caretaker. She who must be obeyed collects ours, mainly for our daughters Cob. Worth asking the question. Best Wishes. Howard J.

Old Scrote said...

Thanks, Howard, for the tip. Not sure I will follow it up though. It's probably easier and quicker just to pray for rain.