Thursday, May 05, 2011

Swifts and Dragons

Please ignore the old scrote in this picture. What really matters is the pair of Swift nestboxes at the top of the picture. Bill and I put them up at the request of the young woman, Tracey, standing next to me (and infinitely more worth looking at), who was distressed that a nearby building housing a Swift colony had been demolished.
It's a bummer we mostly hear about this kind of destruction only after it has happened, and nestboxing is generally the only remedy we have. Tracey intends to play the CD of duetting Swifts from her bedroom window, night and day if necessary, to lure the returning Swifts to the boxes.
By the way, the scary creature standing next to Tracey (no, not me, the little chap) is her son Felix dressed as a dragon. This is an optional extra in the business of persuading Swifts to come and live with you. Swifts are so contrary, it might just work. Go for it, Felix!

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