Sunday, May 22, 2011

Progress report

The astronomers amongst you might well recognise this as one of the craters on the planet Mars, but you would be wrong. It is in fact the crater on Daddy Allsop's back after the op and the stitching.
I have an appointment on Tuesday morning with one of the nurses at the Surgery. I don't know which one, but as they all wear black stockings and blue uniforms, I am happy, be it Rita, be it Frances, be it Ann, be it the new one whose name I don't know.
All being well, the stitches will be taken out before the weekend, and I promise, by my troth, that there will be no further mention, and certainly no further photographs, of the Daddy Allsop crater.


Mary Scriver said...

Actually, the photo is rather pleasingly pastel abstract expressionist with overtones of de Kooning. Clearly the little stitches imply a middle-aged harridan's too-tight perm?

Prairie Mary

Old Scrote said...

I must admit it has a certain artistic impact, though I might have likened it more to a traffic accident.
I love your interpretation of the stitches, though I am not sure we still have harridans in this part of the world.