Sunday, January 21, 2007

Bach's Organ Works.

Think Yamaha. Think keyboard, Think digital. My goodness, what an organ my daughter has. It is awesome: a zillion rhythms, including even 5/4 time (I wish you could hear my fragmented 5/4 version of "My Favourite Things", the musical equivalent of a motorway pileup. My next project is to do Bach's Toccata and Fugue in the same time signature - that should get old Johann Sebastian turning in his urn); and a trillion voices, including a breathy tenor saxophone that is pure Stan Getz, and a jazz guitar that is pure Django.
I WANT ONE. I want an organ that does justice to my talent. Or one that at least covers up my lack of it.


angit said...

Fantastic gear, good for Sarah.
Maybe one for your 48th birthday?

Old Scrote said...

Why do you women always lie about my age?!
I am going to upgrage my organ,that's for sure, and to hell with the health risks.