Sunday, January 21, 2007

Mountain Plover

Well, here it is. The ones I saw weren't as well marked as this one (this one is in breeding plumage). An elusive bird, most people only see them when they come down to the lowlands for the winter, which is where I saw them. Even in dull winter garb, the eyebrow is noticeable.

Now, if it doesn't make your pulse race, I do understand. It's just that at my stage of the game, any little excitement is welcome.

And if I get melancholy back here in the Fens, I can always go and contemplate my neighbour's compost heap.


Nea said...

Or go to Welney at feeding time!
Then again a compost heap close up could be teeming with life too.

Old Scrote said...

How do you know about Welney?? It is about 20 minutes from where I live.

Nea said...

I've got webbed feet!

Old Scrote said...

Welney is under so much water that it's a wasteland at the moment. Mostly pochard. Little else.
Bosque del Apache is the place to be right now.