Friday, January 26, 2007

Stracotto di manzo

Literally, extra-cooked beef. My, what a delicious dish. With sliced potatoes in a cheese gratin sauce.
The meat is similar in texture to the lamb done in the Greek style known as "kleftiko". Kleftiko from the Greek word for "to steal" (cf "kleptomania"), the idea being that you steal a lamb and bury it in a hot oven for 3-4 days, then dig it up and eat it, the meat flaking off the bone ambrosially.
I doubt if the gourmet section of my local supermarket, Tesco's, goes to all that trouble with the stracotto beef. bit it's a tasty morsel nonetheless.
Hell's bells, what I really need is a cuddle, but in the meantime, thank the Dear for good food.
By the way, I am still waiting for a serious PLOV evening in the City of Cambridge. Anyone listening?


Nea said...

How can you expect a cuddle after your second from last post, sorry, second latest post, death and pornography? It might be taken the wong way....
Ah well, I'll risk it.
Hugs and cuddles
PS This wasn't easy, I'm not a cuddly person!

angit said...

No risk involved: Ditto - hugs and cuddles.
If Cambridge doesn't come up with PLOV soon Ankara might:-)

Old Scrote said...

Nea, I know you would never take me the wong way. Thanks for the cuddle. Nine days now since I last touched a human being. Not good!
Angit, cuddles most welcome and utensils ready for a plov feast.