Saturday, January 27, 2007

Pelagic trip

On the first of January every year, the San Diego Field Ornithologists take a pelagic trip (four and a half hours, from 8 to 1230 am). This year, for the first time, I went, hoping to keep my breakfast in my stomach and to add a couple of lifers to my birdlist. I succeeded on both counts, the birds being Cassin's Auklet and Black-vented Shearwater.
But what really made the trip for me were the dolphins that accompanied our boat for a lot of the time. There were two species (I don't know from cetaceans, this is what I was told): Common Dolphin and Pacific White-sided Dolphin. The pix is of the latter.
You know, we human beings think we are some punkins, but I suspect that cetaceans regard us as an interesting but generally unsuccessful species. Well, that's how I interpreted the look in their eye.
So, in my next life, I want to come back as a dolphin, but not the kind that gets tangled in fishing nets, ok?

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