Friday, January 02, 2009

She'll be apples,,mate!

Every year, we anticipate an invasion of birds from Scandinavia. We always get the Fieldfares and the Redwings, but there are two pretty species which are less predictable: Brambling and Waxwing. Last winter was a good one for Bramblings, and I found my share of them around the fen. This winter is a good one for Waxwings, and so far everyone I know, except me, has seen Waxwings. So, this morning, I went to our local orchard where there are still a few trees with fruit on them, and tried to find the Waxwing(s) that everyone else had seen.
I really don't want to take up philately, numismatics or crossstitch, but at this rate of avian failure, I might have no choice.
Envoi: at least the buggers who have seen Waxwings in Britain this winter didn't see the species illustrated above, of which I have seen hundreds in my time!

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