Monday, August 13, 2012


On Saturday afternoon, Angit and friends took the Bee-eater to a suitable spot with scattered trees and a nearby olive-grove. Angit put the bird on a branch. It shook its feathers, looked around and then flew a short distance to a higher branch. It then, did some more feather-shaking, cleaned its beak on the branch, and then, according to Angit (why should I doubt the word of such a dedicated rehabber?!), looked back at her before taking off again. It flew strongly in the direction of the olive-grove. It landed again, but this time out of sight.
Anyone who has nursed a bird back to health and then seen it successfully released knows the emotion it causes. As Chief Dan George said in Little Big Man "My heart soars like a hawk!". We hope, of course, that there are no hawks in the vicinity where Ari was released.
Well done, Angit, you are a star!

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