Friday, August 17, 2012

Watch out, mozzie!

Once you admit to yourself that you are a "heavy drinker", it's time to review your relationship with alcohol, and in particular, to ask who's really wearing the pants. For this and a couple of other reasons, I gave up the booze totally three years ago. Apart from a sip of champagne at my friend's seventieth birthday party last Saturday, I haven't had a drop since. Nor have I had any craving for alcohol.
So what I would like to know  is why this evening I wish I was drunk. I had a good day today, I had the company of a good friend for a couple of hours, I had a nice cuppa tea and a long sit down in the garden on this balmy Friday evening, and I have the prospect of seeing more good friends tomorrow. Something is missing, but I don't know what it is. Unfortunately I ate my last bar of chocolate last night, so not sure what to do now to comfort myself.
Maybe I should get the can of Raid and go round the house killing mosquitoes.
That's it, that'll cheer me up!

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