Tuesday, August 07, 2012

We're just wild about Ari...

Ari, the rescued Bee-eater, is doing well. hamd olsun. He has been moved to more spacious accommodation, and is adjusting to a more varied diet (Apparently, his dedicated rehabber, Angit, catches bees by hitting them with a shovel, thus stunning but not killing them). She took Ari to the local grocer's shop to get him weighed. He is at 48gm, which is minimum weight for a Bee-eater, so he has a way to go yet.
The best news, though, is that he has started to take short flights, horizontal or even with slight lift. As to what's wrong with him, the consensus is that he has a punctured air sac, which should repair itself in due course.
So, all in all, it's good news about Ari. I have heard nothing further about the opera singer, but it looks as though we won't be needing an Ari aria now anyway. Inshallah.

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