Monday, August 13, 2012

You did good, Harry!

Events like the Olympic Games are not to my taste. It's not the events themselves, it's the hullaballoo - all the commentaries, interviews, predictions, postmortems, statistical comparisons, ageing pop stars, etc - that give me the Friday grump. By the way, I am not sure about that word "hullaballoo". According to Graham Garden, it means "how to greet a bear".
Anyway, I just checked to see how GB got on and we seem to have done very well indeed. See here
I missed most of the opening ceremony, and all of the closing ceremony, but I understand that both were well received by most people and most critics. Oh, ok then, I promise to be more participative in 2016 for the Rio Olympics. Judging by the way they do Carnival, it should be a really erotic affair. Sorry, exotic affair. Oh, I don't know, though, maybe I was right first time.

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