Saturday, July 29, 2006


(The slogan is Turkish for "Drink Ayran"]
I am addicted to ayran. It is a refreshing drink in hot weather, and has a soothing effect as a bedtime drink. It has a creamy look and texture and the first time you drink it, if you are not aware that it is basically diluted yoghurt, you might well throw up. But do persist.
According to Wikipedia "Ayran (Turkish: Ayran), (Bulgarian: айрян or sometimes мътеница, literally dreggy or oily liquid), (Greek: Αϊράνι), is a popular Turkish drink made of yoghurt and water. The ayran made from sheep yoghurt has a quite thick taste, fatty but also delicious. It is similar to the Iranian drink, Doogh. Salt is usually added to ayran for flavour".
Never mind all that. Go and get a pot of Greek style, ie thick, yoghurt from your local supermarket, put three dessertspoonfuls in a jug and whisk in water a splash at a time till it is diluted to your taste (The less water the creamier the ayran, of course. A proportion of 2Y:1W is a good starting point). I also add a pinch of salt to make it a little sharper.

I know you are not going to try ayran; that's a pity because you are missing something which is not only thirst-quenching and soothing but is also good for your digestion.

Go on, make some! Ayran iciniz! "Afiyet olsun!"


d~ said...

3 heaping Tablespoons Stonybrook Farm Organic Vanilla Yoghurt

3 Tablespoons tap water

Pinch salt

It's a little too salty to my taste. I'll omit the salt next time. If there is a next time.

Diet Pepsi is what the gods used to call ambrosia. I may just stick with that.

d~ said...

That Crocodile Dundee quote might just be applicable in this case.

d~ said...

Third and final thought on the subject.

Drinking aryan is like beating your head against a brick wall. The only reason to try it is because it feels so good when you stop.

Old Scrote said...

Yes, ayran has that effect on many people. My first experience of it was in Ankara, when I was told in advance: "Don't worry if you don't like the first mouthful". Then, "It gets better after the second mouthful". And finally, after the third awful mouthful "You will get used to it in time."
So, d~, thanks for trying it, and, believe me, you will get used to it in time. Even come to like it, maybe....

d~ said...

I spelled ayran wrong, didn't I? How very embarrassing. (Maybe it was a side effect of the drink itself).