Saturday, July 22, 2006

Blog off!

Until I saw the Fretmarks blog, I had no idea what blogs were about. Fretmarks inspired me, and I started mine. A colleague - let us call her Befana - visited my blog and commented that she thought blogs were for sad lonely people who should go out and get a life. Well, to quote my daughter's first husband*** "It says more about her than it does about me."
So, blog off, Befana. I have since visited some amazing witty thought-provoking blogs and I only hope mine occasionally has the same effect. Mind you, nobody will ever match Fretmarks. It rejuvenates, like that beer that refreshes the parts that other beers don't reach. Haste ye back, Pluvialis!

***A Welsh violinist, a strange guy who was obsessed with sitting up straight, also known as the Alexander Technique. The second was a software expert who runs the Chicago subway system single-handed, according to him. The third is a house fixer, but too far away to do anything about my leaky shower.

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