Saturday, July 22, 2006

Ten things you didn't know you didn't want to know

I am an unwilling collector of useless words (hence the need to defrag my brain). Being a crossword addict only adds to my malady. Here is a gallimaufry, a galimatias, a salmagundi of the words I have come across lately in nasty crosswords. Don't go there, take up an outdoor hobby, molest dwarves, collect Rupert Annuals, anything but crosswords!
A taghairm is the act of seeking inspiration by lying behind a waterfall wrapped in a bullock hide .
An angekkok is an Eskimo conjuror.
A huer is a pilchard fishermen's lookout man.
Mallemaroking is the carousing of Greenland seamen in icebound ships.
Myristicivorous means feeding on nutmegs
Steatopygous means having fat buttocks.
An affenpinscher is a small dog which has tufts of hair on its face.
Sackdoudling is playing the bagpipes
A mosbolletjie is a sweet bun made of dough leavened with grape must.
Tmesis is the separation or splitting up of a word into parts by one or more intervening words (eg, fanbloodytastic) - but you knew this one, didn't you?


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Old Scrote said...

You'll get no arguments from me, dogex99. I realised I was a failed dog trainer the first time I offered my new black labrador a can opener and invited her to serve herself. Fortunately, Betsy was far more intelligent than I and soon worked out survival strategies, bless her.