Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Hadnam-on-the Hill

The name of the village where I now live, and have lived for the last 22 years, is Haddenham in Cambridgeshire. It is a typical "fen edge" village, not pretty, but very active and a good place to live. Above is a picture of the village green. Haddenham even has its own website. If you are curious, take a peek by clicking here.
The local name for it,"Hadnam-on-the-Hill", is ironical. Given that the surrounding fens are well below sea level, Haddenham is special because at the top of the village, it is all of 105 feet (about 30 metres) above sea level. They say that you can buy cylinders of oxygen at the "Top Shop", and, the cruellest joke of all, they say that a "fen tiger" (ie, a denizen of the fens) gets dizzy standing on a folded newspaper.
Go on, take a peek!

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angit said...

Clicking clicking...did you know about the apple festival in Ely this weekend?