Friday, October 27, 2006

Thanks a million... HeartinSanFrancisco for this meme.

Five things I would do if I were a millionaire
1 Not tell anyone about it. Then I could do good by stealth.
2 Pay off the kids’ mortgages and set up trusts for the munchkins.
3 Collect my friend B from Alaska and take her birding to Costa Rica.
4 Buy a new pair of slippers. Hell, I might even buy TWO pairs.
5 Can’t think what else I would do. So many of the things worth having are things that money can’t buy.

Five bad habits
1 Putting off till next week what I could do tomorrow, or the day after.
2 Finishing people’s sentences for them.
3 Starting sentences but not finishi......
4 Preferring what I am not doing to what I am doing at any given moment.
5 Saying things in a foreign language which my listeners don’t understand.
Mi dispiace, dovrete scusarmi.

Five things I hate doing
1 Making a list of things I hate doing.
2 Cleaning windows. How DO you get rid of the smearing?
3 Putting together the work of fiction known as my Annual Tax Return.
4 Being polite to officials in order to get what I want out of them.
5 Using antiseptic mouthwash. I know I know: No pain, no gain.
Five things I would never do
1 Fart in church, well not aloud anyway.
2 Fondle a lady’s bottom, well, not in church anyway.
3 Say anything uncomplimentary about a person’s appearance, well, not to their face anyway.
4 Drink a cup of coffee from the other side of the cup.
5 Ask my neighbour Mrs W how she is, because she would tell me. At length and in great clinical detail.
Five things I regret doing
1 Letting the midwife cut my umbilical cord without my permission.
2 Not making better use of my time at university.
3 Making a horlicks of my marriage.
4 Being nasty to people who didn’t deserve it. Sorry, guys.
5 Putting my favourite woollen sweater in the “Hot Wash”.
Five favourite things
1 Writing this blog and hoping for comments.
2 New notebooks - I keep buying them even though I don’t need them.
3 Indian curries, Italian cuisine, Turkish cuisine, Thai cuisine... OK, let’s just say EATING.
4 The curiosity and enthusiasm of children. Pity these qualities don't last.
5 Being in the presence of experts who know how to communicate their knowledge.
Except for economists and chartered accountants.


heartinsanfrancisco said...

You are right that most of the things worth having do not require money. Since I already have most of those, I listed commodities.

Sometimes it's really easy to make a horlicks of ones marriage. Maybe you should have switched to Ovaltine. (Mi scusi.)

Interesting list. Thanks for playing.

Nea said...

You hoped for more comments, so I registered as a blogger and now I can leave comments.

Nea said...

You hoped for more comments, so I registered as a blogger and now I can leave comments.

Nea said...

I have lurked since you commented on Frog End and have enjoyed reading your blog. Thank You.

EBRU said...

If I were a millionnaire, I would tell my best friend about it. My best friend would be happy that I shared it with him/her. But then s/he would realise that I told it everybody.:))

My worst habit is asking too many questions like: "Jake, what does mi dispiace, dovrete scusarmi mean ?"

The thing I hate doing is being "impolite" to officials in order to get what I want out of them. (Here, it's impossible to get sth. if you are kind)

The thing I would never do is drinking a cup of coffee instead of drinking a cup of tea.

The thing I regret doing is playing football while I was wearing my favourite red shoes. (I was seven and was very influenced by my brother.)

My favourite thing is reading this blog and sending comments.