Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Plums, in this case, are not dear

I just invited my neighbour to examine my plums with a view to making them her own. Against all the odds, my Rivers plum tree has again produced a crop, and I simply can't eat or use all of them. Hence the invitation. Good for making jam? Kim bilir?
My vine, which started out on the south side of the house and has now moreorless taken over the west side too, is equally prolific, but, apart from gobbling the odd handful, I don't use them. I believe they are good for making wine, and it is possible that my neighbour's husband might be tempted. So far, nobody has, and they end up with the pourriture noble before withering on the vine.
Birds, especially thrushes, are grateful for both the plums and the grapes. Meinetwegen I just think these fruits are beautiful to behold, whatever happens to them in the end.
PS I have had a squirrel on my nuts again. This has got to STOP!

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