Monday, August 06, 2007

Oak Eggar

We are back in the pheremone business, boys and girls! The Oak Eggar chrysalis that my friend D gave me has finally emerged and proved herself female by laying a few eggs.
So tomorrow afternoon, I will set her up in the garden in the hope of attracting some males to make her day. And mine.
D tells me that the females emerge at night, and the males emerge in the afternoon, which seems a strange arrangement if nooky is what they are after.
Anyway, willy nilly, I will emerge her tomorrow in broad daylight. Maybe she will sleep through the whole thing, but at least it will ensure a new generation of Oak Eggars in the Parish of Haddenham.
PS The pic is of a male Oak Eggar. Look at those feathered antennae: he can pick up her scent from miles away.

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