Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Fancy that? Not in this weather!

You've got to admire the male Collared Dove. At the moment the weather is glacial, it's cold enough out there to freeze the balls off a buffalo, and yet, on the back lawn yesterday morning, I watched a male Collared Dove getting amorous with an uncooperative female. There he was, racing after her, testosterone-charged, puffing out his chest and attempting to do the business, Stringfellow-style, and to hell with the foreplay.
For goodness' sake, even in my prime, I needed warm sunshine and a gentle zephyr to caress my bum before I'd even think of tripping the light fantastic with a lady. But this dove is made of sterner stuff. He's totally oats-oriented, frost or no frost.
At least Mrs Collared Dove has the sense to make him keep it in his pants till the weather improves.

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