Friday, February 19, 2010

Strange things going on

There are STRANGE THINGS GOING ON in my garden pond. Well, I call it a pond, but after my cleanup blitz on it in the summer, it has a leak, is only two-thirds full and is completely devoid of vegetation, it is really just a muddy hole in the ground at the moment. Dem sei wie ihm wolle, something is going on, as there are constant "ploppings" causing lots of pretty ripples. Intriguing. Well, I thought, it can't be frogs because...... and then my knowledgeable friend, Barbara, pointed out that frogs will hibernate in any mud left at the bottom of the pond.
So, it seems, despite the unprepossessing state of the pond, I might have breeding frogs. Not that it will go anywhere - between the messy pair of Mallards and the marauding Heron, the wee froggies don't stand a chance. Maybe the newts will fare better, providing they can stay sober long enough to procreate.
Have a nice weekend.

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