Friday, February 05, 2010

Oh deer!

Another first for the garden. And this time, not a bird, but a mammal - a muntjac. There it was on the lawn, nibbling at the bits that had fallen from the bird feeders. I noticed that the poor thing was limping. Something wrong with its right hind leg. Thoughts of catching it and getting it to an animal hospital raced through my mind. But how do you catch a muntjac?
I took advice from my all-wise rehabber, D, who gave me a few tips on how to approach the timid creature without making it believe I was contemplating a venison supper.
"Avoid eye contact, which is threatening", "Keep nodding your head, as this is something that predators never do", and "Lick your lips" - not sure about this last suggestion, might suggest esurience.
Anyway, I decided to leave the creature alone, but, acting on D's advice, I went to the village shop to buy a bag of carrots, apparently one of the muntjac's favourite snacks. The wee beastie was laid up in shrubbery in a corner of the garden, but, alas, was scared away when the hedge cutters arrived with their noisy machines.
And, sad to say, it has not come back.
So, if you know of anyone in need of a bag of carrots, give me a call.

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