Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Маша Черепанова

This will mean nothing to most of you, but I am bursting with pride to tell you that I just had an email from my young Russian correspondent, Masha (that's her in the picture), telling me that her final dissertation has been accepted and that she has been awarded her degree. Masha had written to me a little while back asking me to explain why I chose the titles I did for my Penguin short stories. That really gave the old scrote-brain a workout!
Today I persuaded a lady in Norfolk to put more Swift nestboxes on her house, so you can imagine that I am cock-a-hoop about that too.
Then I made a small detour to visit St John's Cathedral in Norwich, a breathtaking piece of Victorian Gothic.
Oh yes, and there are still 10 ducklings in the back garden.
After a day like this one, I'm not even waiting for the other boot to drop. Who cares?

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