Friday, June 25, 2010


I knew there was something aristocratic about me. It's not just the thin ankles after all. I bet I have as noble a pedigree as any Old English Sheep Dog, and it would be quite proper to breed from me (ceteris, unfortunately, are not paribus).
Well, it's a lovely evening, time for me to take a stroll through the village to give the peasants a chance to touch their forelocks.

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prairie mary said...

My mother was of the opinion that she was aristocratic because of narrow eustachian tubes, which the doctor who now and then dug ear wax out of them, assured her that she had.

But it was my father who had a crest, since he was a Strachan. It shows an alert stag and the motto is "Non Timeo, Sed Caveo." I've lived by this advice, mostly.

Prairie Mary