Sunday, June 06, 2010

Seven and a half candles

I am relieved my family didn't try to put seventy-four candles on the birthday cake - I no longer have the puff for that.
It was a good party, though. After a day when I received visits from friends and neighbours, and several phonecalls, emails and facebook messages, we sat down for a celebratory meal of köfte and basmati rice, followed by cake with candles.
Best of all was the singing of Happy Birthday - Jeremy and Jackie and the three boys, Joe, Matthew and little Alfie, and on the phone from San Diego, Sarah and the munchkins, Sophie, Kiki and Harry. And my lovely friend "Angit" was with us too.
If this is what birthdays are like, I am going to have one every year from now on.


Mike and Ann said...

We wish you many very happy returns of the day (5th June that is).
Warm regards, Mike and Ann.
P.s. What about some more bird pictures, please?

Old Scrote said...

Thank you for your kind wishes. It's the Kestrel and Barn Owl season, so you may expect a few pics over the next month or so.