Sunday, October 09, 2011

More medical guff

[Listen, guys, I promise this is the last entry on this topic until I have some definite news for you all]
Despite my doctor's diagnosis, I am convinced that there are other things going on in the imperial extremities, so I've been doing what you do at such times - I've been a-googling. Prepatellar bursitis, that sounded like something worth suffering from, until I discovered it is what my mum had - "housemaid's knee" Then there's . Baker's Cyst at the back of the knee, not sure who Baker is/was but I am all swolled-up there, so maybe it's that, and it's always nice to have a condition with a proper name attached.
A-googling on, I finally came to the realisation that I am suffering from EVERYTHING connected with knees and hips. That's bloody serious, mes potes, but what's even worse, knowing that has aggravated the pain. I guess this is what happens when you give up the booze.

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