Saturday, August 19, 2006

"Father, forgive me, for I have sinned"

When you add up all the apologies you need to make to people for your sins of commission and omission, it is hard not to rush round to the nearest RC priest and ask for a conversion.
As I am not up to such a commitment, I wish to use my blog at this point to ask forgiveness of all the people whom I have inadvertently upset.
C, that was a tactless posting to your blog.
M, I really don't fancy your wife, nice as she is.
R, you didn't deserve my last dramatic exit.
And to all the rest, sorry guys, didn't mean it, ok?
Well, no point in going on as the people concerned won't read this, but it makes me feel a little better.
I promise to try harder. After all, that's what every one of my school reports prescribed.
Better late than never.


d~ said...

I've tried a blanket apology like, "I'd like to apologize to everyone everywhere for everything", but that's never gone over well.

Old Scrote said...

Isn't it odd how the bad things we do constantly return to haunt us, but the good things we do never seem to pop up in our memories again. Not fair, really!
God bless

Old Scrote said...

PS I like your Faberge egg.