Sunday, October 21, 2007

Old Scrote, Vintage, September 2007

I thought it was time I reminded my children what I look like! In the background is, of course, my house. And in the tray on the table, an assortment of fiddly little things scooped from my garden pond by the unstoppable young naturalist from next door.


Anonymous said...

Could you please answer the questions below?
1. Are those at the behind ivies or trees? They look marvelous !
2. Does the sun always shine there like this on september or it is because global warming.
3. What did you do with those things in the tray ?
4. Who is that ultra-cute man sitting on the chair ? :)))
P.S: I wish Hary Nilsson saw this photo to understand where the Lord must live.


Old Scrote said...

The plant growing on the wall of the house is Honeysuckle (HANIMELi), very attractive to all kinds of insects.
We often have what we call an "Indian Summer" with beautiful sunny days and cold frosty nights.
The things in the tray went into my young friend's aquarium.
The man in the chair is me, not cute, but attractive to all kinds of insects!
It was a beautiful day for sitting outside thinking about nothing in particular.

prairie mary said...

So lovely to see you! However, I did not burst into tears. Maybe if you were in the Prado...

I have two things in my yard: weeds and wind. These are standard in the area.

Prairie Mary

Old Scrote said...

If I tell you that what moved me in the Prado were the two paintings Maja Vestida and Maja Desnuda, it is as well you did not burst into tears on contemplating the photo of me sitting in my garden....
It was the juxtaposition of the two paintings, and my realisation how much the artist must have loved her, that affected me so much.