Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Welsh take on fungi

Mrs Trellis is quick to react.
Dear Hillary Clinton
, she writes, I had no idea you were into mushrooms! It's such a joy when one finds one has something in common with someone one admires (What a lot of "ones" - I sound like Queen Elizabeth II (giggle!).
I expect you, being American and all, are into those magic mushrooms too, something I personally disapprove of, but I suppose it's all right if you mix them in with a soup, and lie down after.
The late Mr Trellis was adamant that he would have nothing to do with wild fungi. As he said "Don't expect me to eat a toad's tool", an example of fellatious reasoning, I suppose. But he meant well.
Anyway, dear, stick to your guns. I am sure you will make a wonderful President of the Untied States, as long as you don't forget to dilute the soup.

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