Sunday, May 09, 2010

Blossoms and Bygones - postcript

Blossoms and Bygones turned out to be a blessed event: good weather, lots of people and lots of activities. Here are a couple of pictures of my particular corner, showing various nestboxes, some stuffed birds and some trays for Barn Owl pellet analysis.
After my stint in the Conservation Room, I went outside to watch the Morris Dancers, such an enthusiastic and colourful bunch of people. Here is a pic of a troupe of morris dancers, which, I have to admit, is more interesting than a trayful of nestboxes and owl pellets.


Mac McCoig said...

I'm pleased you found Morris Dancing more interesting than owl pellets (there are many who do not). Just a quick bit of info - Morris Dancers come in Teams or Sides, not troupes. Regards, Mac

Chas S. Clifton said...

When attempting to speak-a the British, I was told that Morris dancers came in sides, not troupes. You are confusing me, sir.

Old Scrote said...

It is never my intention to confuse, though I don't mind baffling from time to time. Chas, good to hear from you again. Mac, thank you for the correction. It has added yet another piece of useless information to the vast store that clutters what's left of my brain!