Monday, May 10, 2010

Nestboxes for sale

We have a good local man, John Stimpson, who makes excellent nestboxes to our specification and at a reasonable price. He is doing good business these days, supplying Swift boxes all over the United Kingdom, and quantities of Barn Owl and Kestrel boxes in the fenland area. The picture above is of John's stand in the churchyard at the Blossoms and Bygones event. I helped him unpack at 1230 and repack at 1730.
"Many customers?" I asked him.
"I sold four tit boxes," he replied.
I swear the word "laconic" was invented specially for him.
Then he smiled. And I smiled. And we both smiled. A lot of work for a mere twenty sovs, but the sun was shining, so why not smile?

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