Monday, May 31, 2010


I have a loupe. I bought it when I started moth-trapping, but I mostly use it now when I have a splinter in my finger. I screw the loupe into my left eyesocket like an Amsterdam diamond merchant checking his sparklers, and then I approach the offending sliver of wood (in fact usually a bramble thorn - brambles hate me). needle poised to attack.
What always surprises me is how blunt the point of a needle looks through the magnifying glass. It doesn't so much gouge out the splinter as bludgeon it into submission.
What always surprises me too, though it shouldn't, is the difference between the very mild discomfort caused by the splinter and the agonising pain caused by its extraction. My thumb is now throbbing like a blind cobbler's, well, thumb.
OK, I'm a wimp, but I'm really glad I had a bandaid to wrap round my thumb after the operation.

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