Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Antifreeze, the Sequel

The wind has subsided, so maybe I won't become Jewish after all. But there WAS a moment....
You see, I suffer from Prince Charles syndrome: that awful growth spurt in middle years that causes the cranium to burst through the hair - specially on the crown, giving us (me and Charles) the appearance of tonsured monks.
And that is where the heat loss occurs. So, I thought how sensible it would be to become Jewish and wear a yarmulka (Hebr: kippah) to cover the leaky bit of my head, thereby satisfying the need for heat, the laws of thermodynamics and Adonai all in one go.
Maybe, though, I don't need to convert to Judaism: I notice the Pope wears a yarmulka. I bet his bonce is as warm as toast. Nu.

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