Monday, March 17, 2008

Is it me, or has the world gone mad?

Busty British tourist barred from casino because of her 'offensive' breasts
This from a recent issue of the Daily Mail. Read on and be appalled.
A British tourist has been barred from a casino in New Zealand for upsetting fellow punters with her 'offensive' breasts.
Thirty-three year old Helen Simpson from Nottingham, was wearing a low-cut black evening dress when a woman staff member at the Christchurch Casino told her to cover up or leave.
"She said I was wearing too low a top, which people found offensive," Miss Simpson said. "I was highly embarrassed - humiliated, absolutely humiliated.
"There were girls at the casino wearing short skirts that I think are nothing more than belts.
Busty: Helen Simpson, 33, was told her 'offensive' breasts were upsetting clientele at a New Zealand casino. "I feel like I've been discriminated against for having big breasts."
Miss Simpson, a business manager for McDonald's who is in her third year studying human resource management, said the matter had been handled unprofessionally.
"The most humiliating thing was that everybody knew," she said.
"All the staff were staring and the group of guys that complained - I'm sure it was them - were smiling."
The Christchurch Casino's dress code makes no mention of low-cut dresses being banned, although anyone wearing jeans would be. It simply states on publicity material: "Smart, neat attire is required at all times."
And if you think this was only an excuse to post a picture of Helen, you are absolutely right. Put your hands together for Helen Simpson!

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Geoff. said...

G'day Jake, this news missed the papers here, so thanks for posting it. Great photo!! Regards, Geoff.