Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Great Scott!

Mrs Trellis, once again, betrays her literary leanings.

Dear Scott FitzGerald, she wrote, imagine my surprise when I discovered that you were still alive, despite your appalling habits! My answer is a resounding YES - write write write - you are the most fascinating person I know after the late Mr Trellis, who, bless him, never got round to writing his memoirs because of his terrible trembling hand.
Mind you, he did once gain a certain notoriety on a visit to Pontypridd when he scrawled a graffiti (shouldn't that be graffito?) on the wall of the local Polytechnic (now, alas, a bum university) as follows: "I may not know what I like, but I do know nothing about art".
Listen, dear, I know that most of what you wrote after the Great Gatsby was not much cop, but Zelda believed in you, well, some of the time, and so do I.
Why not go for something pungent, you know, like Gray's Allergy in a Country Churchyard, an idea not to be sneezed at. Just my little joke!
Your literally
Blodwen Trellis, Mrs, Widow, Retired

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