Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dippy? Sure is.

As part of our village meadow restoration project, we want to install pond-dipping platforms (see picture for an example), so, as part of an information-gathering exercise, I wrote to Amy Bell, the wonderful teacher who brought parties of her children to the meadows in summer 2006 (reported in an earlier blog) to ask for her advice.
I received this email reply from Amy (the bold italics are mine) :

"Pond dipping platforms sound like a great idea. How will they be cantilevered? What will the mechanisms be? Thanks for asking my opinion! We hope to come and visit, although the change in law about it being almost impossible to let children ride in other parent's cars is making it more difficult. We shall continue to try though! Warm regards, Amy"

I am so frustrated by the ever-growing stupidity of the bureaucrats, nannies, killjoys and H&S lunatics in positions of authority that I cannot trust myself to make a comment without turning the air blue in the process.

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