Friday, March 28, 2008

Trellis on diet, moreorless

I am grateful to my correspondent from North Wales for these useful observations.
Dear Clement Freud, she writes, I was very interested in your comment about potatoes. I once went a whole year without eating potatoes but I didn't lose an ounce (or should that be kilowatts? I am still confused by this metronome conversion thing). Not only that, but I had lots more salads, makes you feel like a rabbit, doesn't it, but I persisted, even with fish and chips.
Not that it mattered, you understand. The late Mr Trellis always used to say he liked his women "meaty", not that he was much of a one for getting his teeth into meat, having lost all his during an unfortunate encounter with a gerbil, but he could suck something lovely. But I don't want to dwell on that.
I didn't understand your reference to your "peacemaker". I don't approve of guns, but I suppose where you live, you have to protect yourself. I understand East Anglians are still very Viking in their habits, it's all rape there, isn't it, along with arsing and pillagery?

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