Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Life and Times of Old Whathisname

I had a message recently from a blog fan, clearly deranged bless him, suggesting that I could and should write bestsellers based on my exciting life.
Well, no. For most of us, our lives our fascinating, but only to ourselves.
There has to be something about our lives that transcends our little selves, otherwise it is just a silly self-indulgence.
I have been asked this question before. Why don't you write about.... [complete the phrase].
And my answer has always been the same: because I have nothing to say on that subject.
Mind you, a chorus of voices urging me to write my memoirs could influence me deeply.
So, apart from Mrs Trellis, who is for it?

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Konstantin said...

If you've read my email, then you know that I'm strongly for it too. (Isn't it me who's deranged? ;)) And even if you don't want to write pure memoirs because you have nothing to say on that subject, you could write about ELT. Mind you, people created a hilarious TV series "Mind Your Language" out of practically nothing! But you have a hugely better base for writing a good book on that. Besides, it will give you a good chance to indulge in the old passion for the English language.