Friday, April 11, 2008

Arthur "Two-sheds" Jackson

Well, that's done, and just in time before the return of the hailstorms.
I have repainted, or rather re-cuprinoled, my two garden sheds, that is, the large one, my "workshop" (haha), and the small one, the garden shed.
And what a colour! Virulent it is. It's the colour used by Clint Eastwood in High Plains Drifter when he painted the town red and renamed it Hell.
I didn't think "rich cedar" would come out like this. Garish. Infernal.
So now I guess my neighbours will rename ME, something like Two-Hellsheds Jackson.
I know sheds are not an interesting topic for a blog, but I just wanted you to be aware that when it comes to cock-ups (or should that be cocks-up?), I have no equal.
If you are wondering who Arthur Two-sheds Jackson is, click on his name.


Anonymous said...

dear jake allsop, in time you wrote a text, or kinda exercise called "a postcard from grandma", do you remenber?
i have to wrote the suite of your cryptic text...
would you please give me some clues?
what's the secret contents in grandma's letter?
why has it take so much time to arrive?
what did grandma says in this letter?
by what did she die?
pending for your reply,
a french student

Old Scrote said...

Please email me privately on and I will try to answer your query.