Sunday, April 20, 2008

Emperor Moth Update

I tell you, mes potes, pregnancy really takes it out of me. My female Emperor Moth has a swollen abdomen that suggests at least a hundred offspring, but of course she won't release her eggs until they have been fertilised by a cooperative male.
The trick is to find that cooperative male.
So far, after three days, no sign of one.
What is it with males these days? Are they all running in the London marathon or watching the snooker? Maybe they have all joined Gay Moth Pride and turning their backs, so to speak, on females.
Whatever it is, I am really worried for Mrs Emp, sitting there, all maternal, all distended, waving her antennae and exuding pheremones. To no avail. Avail is what that grande dame needs a lot of right now. And me too.
I do have two emergent males, I mean, emerging from their coccoons, but they are making a poor job of it. One is almost out but not pumping, the other has just one wing out and seems to be stuck. Maybe I should try for a caesarean.

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