Sunday, April 13, 2008

Trellis makes a plea for decorum

Mrs Trellis is not slow to root out unhealthy elements in blogland.

To the Editor of Farmers' Weekly, she writes, Dear Sir or Madam, I really must protest. Naked ladies' bums are not a fit illustration for even the most interesting blog, not that yours is interesting.
What I mean is, children might see those naked buttocks, and who knows what effect that might have upon their impressionable minds? They could well grow up with a bum obsession. Heaven knows, they are already apt to poke about in their nether regions without any encouragement from you. Please try to find more suitable material, eg, views of Harlech Castle and the Menai Straits, etc. Maybe even some nice wildlife photography, like that David Duke of Attenborough does.
But please, no more backsides, even if they are "art". As we know, "art" is just posh people's excuse for a bit of visual how's-your-father. As the late Mr Trellis used to say: "I don't need to see sex every time I switch on the television. I get enough of that at home." He was referring, of course, to his budgerigars.
The way his budgies would go at it hammer and tongs, you would have thought they were Welsh. But even budgies would be a better subject for your blog than classical Greek posteriors: at least budgies' bums are covered with feathers.
Blodwen Trellis, Mrs, widow, retired.

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