Friday, April 25, 2008

Something untoward

Today while sitting at my table having my docky, or "partaking of a light midday colation" as we fen folk prefer to call it, I was distracted by a movement and a noise of tapping at my window. And there, clinging to the window frame, was a Tree Sparrow, one of very few that I have ever recorded in my garden. No doubt about it: chestnut cap, white nape and white cheeks with black patches, and there it was tapping at my window and moving its head in an inquiring manner. Well, I say "inquiring", but I have to be honest, I am not good at reading the facial expressions of Tree Sparrows - or of any other bird species for that matter.
Maybe it was disgusted by the Egg Mayonnaise I was eating. Presumably for him this was the equivalent of us watching Chief NdegeNdogo tucking into Scrambled Missionary on Toast.
Anyway, for the record: 25 April 2008, one Tree Sparrow, Haddenham.

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