Sunday, April 13, 2008

Triple whammy

Certain things come in threes, like London buses and the Three Graces. In this case, my triple whammy consists of three wonderful events in the last twenty-four hours:
A long lovely phone chat with Jeremy, which included five minutes or so with his eldest, Joseph, who at seven is more articulate than most adolescents. and interesting to boot. Joseph now has delicious traces of a Kiwi accent too, bless him.
While on Skype hoping for a chat with the Siren of Ankara, Bruninha, my adopted Brazilian granddaughter, came online and I had the pure joy of hearing her voice and her news and of being her avĂ´zinho again for a little while. She is hoping to come to Europe next year, and I vow I will find her, wherever she is.
To make a wonderful day perfect, I then had a message on my answerphone from Sarah telling me that she - and, of course, the three San Diegan munchkins - are coming to England for a fortnight this summer (5-19 August to be exact).
(This is another "trilogy in four parts") I should add a fourth piece of joy: Clare came round to pilfer some tadpoles from my pond and set them up in a small aquarium, which has to be in my shed as her own house appears to be a tadpole no-go area. We had so much fun making the aquarium, and my sharp-eyed little Zimbabwean pointed out all sorts of other aquatic life that I could hardly see. Aces!

What more could an Old Scrote ask for on a wet weekend in April?

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