Monday, June 30, 2008

Instant mashed potatoes it is then.

And it came to pass that the multitude stopped listening to the Word, mainly because they were starving. And the disciples said unto Him: "Better feed them or they'll be gone in a flash."
And He said: "Boil a pan of water, and into it place ye a goodly portion of instant mashed potato."
And they were sore afraid, and confused too, for was it not written that He would feed the five thousand with three loaves and five fishes?
And Peter, always the bold one, saideth:
"Shouldest Thou not fulfil the prophesy by feeding the five thousand with three loaves and five fishes?"
And He looked upon the countenance of Peter and glowered a bit.
"Listen, pal, I know about these things. The story gets round, and people can't remember if it was three loaves and five fishes, or five loaves and three fishes. Nor, verily yet, whether it was five thousand and three loaves or three thousand and five loaves, never mind the fishes. Gettest thou my drift?"
And Peter saw the truth of his words and commandedeth he of his servant:
"Nu, instant mashed potatoes it is then."

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