Monday, June 09, 2008

Peopled out

Today I learned a new idiom, a phrasal verb that I realised at once I had lacked all these long years. It is "peopled out".
My dear friend D described a day that was intended to be one of quiet contemplation with some gentle chores thrown in. But it didn't work out that way, because people phoned or called round or popped in or sent text messages requiring replies, therefore turning it into a more stressful day than the one planned.
So, D was peopled out.
You all know, of course you do, the Italian saw "Gli ospiti sono come i pesci: dopo tre giorni incominciano a puzzare." That is serious peopling out.
I suppose the only thing worse than having your quiet day destroyed by people bothering you is to have a long run of days with nobody at all bothering you.

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Konstantin said...

"Write a book about yourself! Write a book! Write a book!.." I can keep bothering you like this for ages if it makes you feel at least a tiniest bit better!